Different Ways Teachers Teach

Mrs Hilgartner

She is very interesting. You can make things fun for yourselves, or not. Do the right things and every thing will be fine. She is fun , exuberant, and tries to be fair.
What do you think is the most important characteristic of an excellent, not just good, but excellent, teacher?

Ms. White

Always has something tricking for us up her sleeve. That's what I really like about her. She also knows me like a book so it's a challenge for me to smudge up a page before she reads me. -emily

That is totally true. She may not know me very well yet but she does have something up her sleeve for us and she is a computer whiz!
- Adeline


Has a cool way of teaching. She will listen to our opinion about things!

Yeah your right, she will listen but what I like most is that she does not let people fool around she just gives them a DR and is done with it.

But don't you think that is mean:)-ryan