Hi it's Samantha here. I would like you guys to write what you are doing this summer.
Write your name and then your summer activities. You can also write dates if you want.

I'm doing A LOT this summer!
June 11-15th- NEW YORK
June 23-27th- Volleyball Camp
July 7-13th- Crossroads Camp
July 19-25th- National Young Scholars
The extra time of my summer will be spent either working, going to the gym to swim, going to the ACAC Waterpark, or just HANGIN' OUT!

How cool, Samantha!
Ms White here. .

I am working lots. . .
These dates are almost all weekdays--on weekends I am at Smith Mountain Lake as much as possible! :-)
June 6--workshop at Crozet
June 9 10--workshop at Sutherland
June 11--in my classroom with lots of cool 5th graders! EXCUSE ME, SIXTH graders!!!!
June 12, 13 data workshop with Ms. Marcus, Mrs. Dunsmore, Mr. Green and Ms. Conroy
June 16-20-workshop at Sutherland--I am presenting our wiki work
June 24-June 31 in Phoenix on vacation (taking Drew to skate parks)
July 3-July 13 vacation at Smith Mountain Lake
July 15-18-working in DC at the National Gallery of Art teaching teachers how to podcast
July 21-25 in Silver Springs MD at a technology conference
July 29-Aug 1 back working in DC at the National Gallery of Art teaching another group of teachers how to podcast
Aug--relaxing before we start back to school!

Jared here!!
Unknown schedule
6-14 -Blue Falls water park
6-22 - Six Flags St.Louis