Hi, My name is Samantha... but everybody calls me Sam.
I'm going to tell you about the National Young Scholars Program (NYSP). Well... first of all I guess I should tell you who was nominated to go this summer. Adeline, Yeri, Daniel, and Samantha (ME). The tuition is $2000 and there is also a dress code. Adeline and I will be attending in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Below is a link to the National Young Scholars Program Home Page. If you have any questions PLEASE ASK US!!


WE WELL TELL YOU ALL THE DETAILS WHEN WE COME BACK! So don't forget to visit wikispaces this summer!

Hey guys! We got back and it was LOADS of fun. I chose a CSI strand and we got to solve a case that was real, but it was solved a few years ago. In leadership we took a personality test and learned how to give a proper presentation. The food was... well, okay :-{.
Wikimail me with any questions!