Do you like to do math? Well today I think you are in for a treat. We are going to talk about Probabilaty, the Canadian way and the regular way of divison, and last but not least it is multipacation. You may already know how to do this but some people may not.

Have you ever heard of PROBABILATY? Well probability is when you can take chances like when you are playing games that you have to use the spinners. You can also use it to do things like for choosing things like if you had 5 colors and for purple and you have5, and yellow you have 3, pink you have 2, black you have 1, and then you have 5 green what color would you most likely pull out? The answer would be green because that has the most.

Have you heard there is new ways too do division? You know the regular way but this is the Canadian way. The regular way is faster but on the other hand, if you do the Canadian way it takes a little bit longer but you will still get the same answer. To do the Canadian way you have to do it by 1,5, 10,100. All us should know how to count by 1,5,10,and100 but if you don’t you would need some practice because you have to multiply a lot in the Canadian way. Also if you do the Canadian way you need to know your subtraction facts. So if you are not to fond of your multipaction and subtraction facts I would work on them or just stick with the regular way to do division. For the regular division you can do something like 5 divided by 465 and the answer would be 93. I think the regular way is easier than the Canadian way is a little bit harder.

Last but not least it is MULTIPLICATION. Yes you are probably thinking I can’t multiply just remember your multapacation facts and after you do some problems it should be a piece of cake. If you catch on fast you will want to do it all the time. For an example you can do