Democrat, Republican, who is your candidate, what is the problem that needs to be fixed, find out who is the class President. All problems that can be answered at this politics-page. Debate against friends all to see who is the next class president.

Emma Democrat
Totally Obama! He seems like a good president and his speeches are amazing. I think he will fix the mortgage crisis, save our debit, and try to make better friends with the world. He should be the candidate.

Adeline Republican
Totally McCain! I think John Mccain is an good candidate because he does not go overboard with insults to take Obama or Clinton down. He is the best candidate for 2008! Go McCain! if I had to choose a democrat it would be Hilary Clinton!

Yeri Republican
I'm a republican but I 'm going for democratic candidates(I know it's kinda weird). I'm going for Obama! Bush is not doing anything about the Iraq War. He's just saying what he wants to do, but it's either he doesn't do it or he does it but is making the situation worse. I agree with Emma.

Ryan Democrat
Obama and no doubt about it!!!!!!!!!! Obama is going to get us out of the war! That is something Bush has not done. Obama is perfect and he will turn our country around!

Emma again
Yeri and Ryan right on!, and adeline McCain is just another bush and we do not need another one of those now do we?

Samantha Republican
Totally McCain. He is the only Republican left!. If I had to choose a democrat it would be Obama.

Sam you do realize that you vote for the best choice of candidate.No matter if it is republican or democrat!

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