Sports Update

May 9, 2008
This week I am starting a discussion page...Talk about all your favorite sports and maybe people will reply to your thoughts...You can even talk about the sports you play...

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Sports Update

Have you heard the baseball top story....? Well here it is...

A man who designed the Yankees stadium actually buried a Red Sox jersey under cement in the visitors dug out. Awhile ago people dug up the David Ortiz shock. Nobody was arrested for this...but do you think he should have been arrested?


I don't think he should have been arrested because it was just for fun and it was not a big deal.- Ryan
I agree with Ryan.-Samantha

Did you guys hear that Chris Long was drafted as #2 to The St. Louis Rams. Also a guy that I forgot the name of from UVA was drafted as #15 to The Kansas City Chiefs. Go Hoos Go! I bet his Dad is really proud of him. Chris. - Adeline

The guy who got drafted by the chiefs name is Branden Albert:)- Ryan