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June 15, 2008

Hey. Did you hear? America has a huge problem, sick and disabled cows that government want people to eat so they can get rid of them, but obviously it's not working. Who would want to eat cows that have gone mad and have just crazy? So they asked Korea if they can export them, driving a hard bargain. They said if they can't export the cows, then they won't export anything else nor can Korea export anything to them and so what choice did they have? They let the cows in and now Koreans are on strike. It's between the people and the government. there's so many people you can't even drive in the capital. The Korean goverment is also demonstrating that there's nothing wrong with the cows trying to reassure the citizens, and unsurprisingly they fail, so blame the government if the people eat the beef and get sick. And blame the president if he ends up having some kind of problem for the rest of is life because of trying demonstrate. The election was only seven months ago.

June 16 2008

The Girl With Eight Limbs
SUNDAY at 9P et/pt on National Geographic channel
A child is born with four arms and four legs in one of India's most remote villages. Follow the epic emotional journey where her parents decide to proceed with a complex surgery to remove her extra limbs.

Today Bush had a his fair well tour in Europe, and to his amazemant no one was picketing. When a citizen involved in anti-war organizations was asked why there were no demonstrations, he replied that Bush wasn't worth the effort.

Also, Tiger Woods made a miraculous come back. Rocco Mediate was sooo close to winning the award!

The New York Times
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 -- 11:55 AM ET

Tiger Woods to Miss Rest of Season

Tiger Woods will undergo reconstructive knee surgery and miss the rest of the 2008 season, according to a statement on his
Web site. Read More: